Happy Slave Reports

“Holy shit. The encounter between us was/is seriously profound. I can’t shake the after effects and don’t want to.  I felt so encompassed by you and what was developing between us, completely consumed externally, and present internally.” – Brian

“Sabina brings her soft and amazing beauty that made it hard to believe that this intellectual and devilish Domme has the power, the control, the strength to push me, play with me, own and tease me. Seducing me with her soft touch and then bringing me to the breaking point over and over delivering pain and pleasure.” – Mark

“Disillusioned, jumping from Mistress to Mistress, was the magic starting to wear off? i came across Mistress Sabina, we met, first time together. At the session She read me like an open book. She used Her whole physique to scan through my feelings, She listened to my body react to Hers, and melted me into a new being, free and with only one thing in my mind, my Goddess. She played me, pain and pleasure alternate, i’m Her instrument. i can’t take it anymore, i beg for it, She has mercy on me… What a truly wonderful experience, the magic is back on.” – S